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Prices tailored to your organization

Tee-pee is a system designed primarily for organizations based on membership, and when creating the price list, we took into account the specifics of such organizations. You pay for the number of active members in the system. You do not pay for members who are not currently actively involved or registered in your organization. Also, you do not pay for the number of administrators who can manage the system based on a set of permissions. The price depends on the maximum number of active people in the system. This will allow you to upgrade or downgrade your plan as your organization's membership evolves. After exceeding this limit, the price list will be adjusted based on the new number of active people in the system. The same applies to reducing the number of people below this limit.

The fee for using the Tee-pee system is paid on a monthly or annual basis. In the case of a yearly payment, you have a discounted price, and you can save 10%.

Small Medium Large Maxi
Maximum number of active people in the system 2 000 5 000 10 000 15 000
The number of all people in the system, including archived members Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Number of administrators Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Standard system support
Online support resources
Email notifications
Sum 29 Eur 49 Eur 99 Eur 149 Eur
Sum 35 Eur 60 Eur 120 Eur 180 Eur

Prices are without VAT. If data migration is required, the one-time installation fee is priced according to the customer's individual needs. When choosing a monthly payment method, the one-time fee for setting up the Tee-pee environment starts from 100 Euros; this fee is not charged for the annual payment method.

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