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After we show you the Tee-Pee in a short demo and clarify your organisation's needs, it will be possible to start using your Tee-Pee environment within 48 hours. Then, we will be available if you need support in setting up the administration zone.
If you have decided to use Tee-Pee, all you have to do is confirm it by email, and together, we will look at the package that will suit your organisation and prepare the payment documents. After the payment, we will prepare a Tee-pee environment for your organisation and help you set up the system.
We do not currently provide special discounts for organisations from the non-profit sector. From the beginning, we tried to adapt the price policy for the needs of non-profit organisations. The prices are based on the number of active members with an unlimited number of administrators rather than the number of users with Tee-pee account.
Currently, members of the organisation are unable to pay registration fees online directly through a Tee-pee. After the organisation members advance the money to the designated organisational unit or headquarters, the administrator can register the payment in the system. If you are interested in connecting the system with payment through the gateway, please do not hesitate to contact us.
The amount of the Tee-pee fee depends on the number of active members in the organisation. By active members, we mean persons included in an organisation's unit and who you know are active paying members. If a person is no longer active, they do not need to be deleted from the system immediately if they want to reconnect later. You do not pay for such a person in the system.
Yes, it is possible. Our team will guide you in which format the data will need to be delivered and which additional parameters will need to be set. Import and installation settings are priced separately and are explained on the price list page. If you do not need to import data and add members to the system yourself, in which case, you will be able to run the Tee-pee yourself without special support and fees.
Tee-Pee is built on standard security procedures and uses strict policies to protect your data. Your information is never shared with anyone.
Yes, Tee-pee allows you to create parent accounts and matches the child's account with the parent. If the child reaches the age set by your organisation, the child will be able to manage the account themselves. No matter if the parent is also a member of the organisation, the link between the parent and child account is maintained.
Our customers are provided with email support between 9:00 and 17:00. If necessary, we are also available for an online or telephone call. Also, there is an online manual for our customers and Tee-pee administrators to help find answers to various questions virtually at any time.
If your organisation has specific membership management requirements which are not part of Tee-Pee at this moment, feel free to reach out to us, and do your best to help you and come up with the solution to fit your needs. You can record your requirements in the Tee-pee roadmap, where you can also see what requirements we are currently in progress or what new functionalities have been requested from other clients. The pricing of individual special requirements is the subject of discussions with the client, who requires new specific functionality.
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