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Who is the Tee-pee for?


For which organizations
is Tee-pee the right choice?

Tee-pee helps a wide range of associations and non-profit organisations of various sizes to manage their membership base in one simple system.
Tee-Pee will be especially appreciated by organisations that:

  • provide services primarily to their members,
  • have organisational units at several levels (local, regional and national) and need to manage access to data at different levels,
  • require system configuration flexibility with the ability to create customised functionality.

For who is
Tee-pee the right fit?

Tee-pee helps different people in various positions within an organisation. Read more about Rob, Lucy, John and Anne, and figure out what they look for in data management.

As the organisation's executive director, Rob needs an overview of the membership base development, especially in terms of statistics and membership fee income. His membership management software expectations are mostly a high level of data security and an increase in the administrative staff's work efficiency. Rob primarily wants to make sure that member data is safe, and he is looking for a flexible solution that will be adaptable to the specific needs of organisations.
Lucy performs various administrative tasks within the organisation, and managing the members' data is one of her responsibilities. She is often in contact with the heads of units. She provides support and guidance for the Unit leaders during the registration process of members and the final report of events held within the organisation. Lucy is looking for a way to streamline administrative processes and improve her work and the work of other colleagues and the Unit leaders.
John is the leader of the group in his city. John is a volunteer, he has the leadership of people in his blood, but he does not like administrative activities. He would like a solution that would make it easier for him to record his group members' data and progress. John also expects that the whole registration process that needs to be done every year would go much smoother, with some new intuitive and smart solution. He wants to devote his time to what he enjoys most in the organisation - allowing members to grow and help communities.
Anne is a member of the organisation. She truly enjoys the organisation's programme and the company of all her friends in her home unit. Anne would like to have her own online profile to see what progress and programme she has already completed together with her friends in the group. It would be beneficial for her to see what exciting events the organisation is planning and see if she can sign-up online.
If one of these profiles sounds familiar or you have found in them, Tee-pee might be just the right fit for you. We connect not only data but also people within the organisation.


You are one step closer to the practical and simple management of data regarding your organisation members! Take advantage of the modular settings and unique features of the Tee-pee system, which will make it easier to administer, report and manage your membership base.


Why choose Tee-pee?

Tee-pee is a simple and affordable software solution designed to reduce the administrative burden on management, employees and volunteers of the organisation while providing them with a pleasant user experience with the possibility of online and personal support.



The monthly fee for Tee-pee depends only on the number of active people in the system. You do not pay for archived people who are not currently actively engaged in the organisation. At the same time, you can add an unlimited number of user roles with different permissions to assign them to the organisation members. This allows anyone who works with members at different levels of the organisation to handle data securely.

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Since 2015, we have been building a solution that allows organisations to prosper and focus on the essentials - fulfilling their vision. The uniqueness of this vision is often reflected in the organisation's structure, program offers, types of education, or specific settings of certain processes. Therefore, the Tee-pee system provides sufficient flexibility in system settings to customise according to your organisational needs.

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and helpful team

The Tee-pee team cares about your satisfaction with the system. Online manuals, email support and information on new features are available to you at any time. Our team is always willing and ready to solve your problem and propose an optimal solution.

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Our customers

Tee-pee is currently used by several non-profit organisations of different sizes and help them manage the member base on a daily basis.

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Who is behind Tee-pee?

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